When You Know That You Know That You Know

When You Know That You Know That You Know

Knowledge or Gnosis indicates there is more than hoping, more than faith. There is a direct connection to your Source and you are in full realization of it. From this place, what seems like magic to the ordinary mind, is an every day occurrence.

When you know that you know that you know you are divine, everything changes. It is no longer guess work, faith or wondering if the Law of the Universe have your back.

Humanity has long been wrapped up in the delusion of separateness from Life and the Creative Power. But that is all changing now as the crack of consciousness is widening, allowing the light to pour in and reawaken us to the Truth of us.

In this episode, we go deep into this concept of knowing or gnosis to help recalibrate our thinking and realization to a more accurate perception of ourselves and our creative abilities.

We also discuss how and when energy clearing is necessary to break down strongly build thought structures of the past, in order to be able to more easily steer the ship of our lives in the direction of our choosing.


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