Visionary Stewardship

What Is Visionary Stewardship?

Visionary Stewardship is Energetic Activism.

Visionary Stewardship is a way of caring for the earth, her creatures and communities through ‘seeing’ as ‘steering.’ When we steer our visions in the right direction, feeling what it would feel like if these visions are real right now, we ‘dial in new blueprints for earth life’ based on agendas of our own choosing.

Visionary Stewardship is the process whereby we each take ‘care’ of a part of life on earth through our visions and feelings.

How Can I Become A Visionary Steward?

You can become a Visionary Steward by:

  • Selecting a part of Earth Life to take care of. What do you love most? The rivers, oceans, lakes? The animals? Certain types of plants? The air we breath? Human organizations? Children?
  • Get into a meditative state and ask your Source for a Vision that is aligned with the Highest Good of this part of Earth Life you are choosing to care for. Be sure to have pen and paper handy before starting.
  • Write out the Vision you receive. Make a picture of it, or tape the words somewhere you can see them every day. Spend five minutes each day imagining and feeling ‘as if’ this vision is a reality now!
  • Take a Visionary Stewardship Certification Course so you can learn more Visionary Stewardship Skills in person with Chireya Fox, founder of Visionary Stewardship and The Anchor the Dream Experience..
  • You will also learn group visioning facilitation skills, reality creation techniques, energetic activism philosophy, and many more ways to practice Visionary Stewardship, and this experience will prepare you to become an Anchor The Dream facilitator.
  • Visionary Stewardship activities can be modified for all age groups.
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