The Recalibrations Process
The Four Levels of Conditioning
The Five Powers
The Master Key
The Three Offspring

In your True Nature, you are At One with the radiant, effulgent, effervescent and overflowing LOVE of All Creation.

The song and story of your Spirit Spark as it emanated from First Cause onto its Soul’s Journey echos and reverberates through time like a Cosmic Orchestra.

The Remembrance is upon us. Awaken now, O Soul, O Spark of Spirit! And remember the Truth of You.

Though the cauldron of transformation ~ your life experience ~ may feel hot with a Spiritual Fire of great intensity, this is the Tempering of the Sword that your Eternal Spirit has been calling for.

Long ago, you birthed yourself as a Spark of Spirit through the Union of Divine Mother and Divine Father.

Now, it is time to piece yourself back together, by recalibrating to the experience of At One-ment with this magnificent Pre-Existant Unity, by whatever name you call it.

Practice makes perfect my dear ones, and support there is, here for you, on this Journey.

The Recalibrations Process

Recalibrations is a term shared with me in the Codes of Union Book Series, which is a transmission from Source Consciousness, Divine Mother, and Divine Father.

We “recalibrate” our body-mind-spirit complex when we delete the detritus and debris of the ages from our subconscious minds, and redesign our trajectory in life by conscious thinking, feeling, and actions. 

We become aligned with the truth of us, our Divine Selves as we do this, unlocking and accessing more and more of our inner superpowers.

We also have the opportunity to attain inner peace, loving and harmonious relationships, and total well-being as we recalibrate to this higher consciousness. 

The work of the Lineages of Light through Chireya is in service to this universal recalibrations process humanity is currently experiencing in many forms. 

The Four levels of clearing

The Four Levels of Clearing are the areas where subconscious detritus and debris accumulate, causing the karmic repetition of patterns.

This detritus and debris is “thought stuff” which create vibrations. These vibrations attract situations and experiences to us through “The Great Law Aback All Things.” 

These patterns could be painful or harmful, useful or beneficial. 

A useful pattern could be a family habit of good money skills. A harmful pattern could be leading with anger, or projecting blame on others.

Awareness of when a pattern is running will allow for liberation from suffering.

Not knowing why a pattern is there, or THAT a pattern is there, causes confusion.

Not understanding that we can change the pattern causes feelings of hopelessness. 

Empowerment comes from:

  1. Recognizing the pattern
  2. Taking full responsibility for the pattern, 
  3. Recognizing our Innate Innocence, and therefore, our worthiness to heal, and
  4. Taking the actions necessary to dissolve the pattern.

Our human race has been conditioned deeply on all these levels for many millennia.

To thoroughly clean the body-mind-spirit complex from these patterns, we must do so on all four levels, “everywhere.”

We can learn to be gentle yet diligent, and kind yet effective, at getting to the roots of these things, and thereby, liberating ourselves.

The Five Powers

The Five Powers are the spiritual healing skills we learn to integrate into our way of being and thinking in order to stay on track with spiritual advancement. 

They are interrelated, and lead to being able to be in the state of Unconditional Love, which allows us to experience the Primordial Pre-Existant Unity.

From this state of experiencing the Primordial Pre-Existant Unity, we are “healed” and “made whole again.”

We no longer see ourselves as separate from life. We return to our original State of Peace which leads to well-being and a life of authentic purpose.


Gratitude is the Master Key to harmonizing life, attuning to Divine Guidance, and living a prosperous, connected, and happy life. 

PAUSE right now, and consider one thing you feel truly grateful for in your life. Send love and appreciation to this person, place or thing ~ no matter how large or how small it is. 

Recognize that, as you feel and express gratitude and appreciation, you FEEL BETTER. you begin to feel that tingly, exhilarating life force of pure love circulating in your being, and the essence of time itself changes in that moment. It’s lke being in love ~ because you ARE in love!

This is why Gratitude is the Master Key that will Unlock the Five Powers, and your Divine Highest Destiny Path. Through this you can offer the True, Original Prayer ~ being At One with that which you desire to experience, by giving thanks for it already being so. This is how we bring new energies and positive harmonies into our experience. 

Notice that you are doing the same thing in reverse, when negative thoughts are clouding your mind. The reigns of your life seem to be out of control in those instances, but if you stop to feel gratitude ~ for ANYTHING at all ~ no matter how small, things will immediately begin to turn around. The energies will begin to soften, and you’ll begin to access that Still Small Voice Within, which is the voice of your Authentic Self: True, Divine, Eternal Love.


The vibrations of pure gratitude, and the effects on consciousness of what it takes to get there, together give birth to The Three Offspring.

Humility is born from the difficulties in rubbing up against old patterns, egoic structures, and arrogant beliefs that we couldn’t see as arrogant until we got to the other side of this.

Compassion is Humility’s Twin, bursting from the Heart of the Matter, as the realization that ALL are suffering, and that each has suffered at his or her own hands through lack of awareness of the spiritual dynamics of life’s operating system.

Their younger sibling JOY bursts forth from the sheer awe at the achievement of this inner state of peace, reunion, and divinity. 

When we are “in the bhav” of this glorious state of pure gratitude, things that were hidden about ourselves and our journey become clear.

We see how simple it was all along ~ even though it was not at the time easy to get there. There is no wrong-making or finger pointing of self or other here ~ there is the resting in the knowing that All Is Well, and always has been ~ behind the curtain of the stage of earthly life.

Rest in the knowing that All Is Well. You are on the right track.

Allow Gratitude to birth within you these three beautiful offspring, cousins of the Five Powers and healers to the Four Levels of Conditioning.

Others can only point the way to you, the Experience of this is only real, within you.

When you are there, you will know it. You will feel it, celebrate it, and revel in it. Your gratitude will expand even farther, even as your feelings of humbleness and compassion expand.

And all is well. 

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