The Probable, Possible & Crystallized Future

The Probable, Possible & Crystallized Future

Your Possible, Probable & Crystallized Future
Nuances of Reality Creation & Manifesting

The future is fluctuating before us as a set of probabilities, possibilities, and crystallized potential outcomes.

When a psychic sees an outcome for you, how can you tell whether they are seeing the possible, probable, or crystallized timeline you are on?

These are important nuances to understand, along with how to leverage guidance, dreams and weird energy shifts to get your attention and change the energy on things before they manifest, or add more energy where something good is heading your way.

The subtle distinctions between these three nuances can make the world of difference in successful manifesting, and in course-correcting where things have gone awry.

Possible Future – that might happen, and there’s still ample time to course-correct.

Probably Future – unless you intervene with vibrational alignment, this is where you are most likely headed.

Crystallized Future – that’s going to happen unless a massive shift occurs in your vibrational trajectory.

Learn more about the subtle distinctions between these three, and how to navigate these waters, on this episode of Divine Love Wisdom.

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