Reverse Engineering the Future

Reverse Engineering the Future

Lining up the energy is the primary step in reality creation. This can be talked about in a lot of different ways. Basically, what it means is getting super clear on your trajectory. Without this clarity, you are more likely to end up wafting with the flow of pre-existent subconscious material, when what I’m going to presume you’d like prefer is, learning how to dial in a future set of experiences that are truly meaningful to you.

We don’t need virtual reality devices in order to reverse engineer the future of our dreams. You already have all the equipment you need!

This ability lies dormant in your very own consciousness, and is operating all the time, but unconsciously.

Why do I spend so much time discussing these things? Because they are more important than any other learning we could ever do.

If you were to realize you are a divine creator with the potential to unlock the experiences you desire from within your very own self, wouldn’t you want the guidebook for that?

It’s simple. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy – based on the conditioning in the opposite direction most humans have received.

And, we dig in and discover some tools for how to reverse engineer the future in this episode of Divine Love Wisdom.

LIVE callers can take part in the post-show discussion, too – or, catch the replays later.

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