Praise for Chireya's Work

Chireya’s intensive and thorough spiritual-energetic detective work and clearings rocked my world. I am so thrilled with how the energies have been flowing and I sincerely recommend her work.

Debra Giusti

Transformation in the New Paradigm & Debra Recommends

Working with Chireya  really helped me energetically heal in many ways. She has a unique way of delivering information to support deep transformation.

Trish Lecy

Entrepreneur & Coach

“Chireya does some mysterious energy work in the two miraculous times she cut my cords, once with an ex, and again when her words took all my back pain away after cutting the parental cords… abracadabra the attachment to pain disappeared.”

Peter Hansen

Visionary Activator

“… the work I did with Chireya suddenly granted me access to my life’s purpose. One year later and I can honestly say that I have never been more fulfilled in my career… it feels incredible!”

Rachel Prince

Short Term Rentals Teacher & Investment Consultant,

I attended attended Chireya’s Clearing Ancestral Money Wounds Course in February of 2017.  I was in a space of recreation and really had no idea what was going to lineup for me  After taking Chireya’s Clearing Ancestral Money Wounds Course I felt even more sure about diving into this new business  By April, 1st I had created abundance beyond my wildest imagination.  I’d love to say to you that once you are clear and once you have cleansed out old energetic blockages that you may not even be aware of anything is possible!

Clementine Libre

Hemp Oil Distributor

Chireya will assist you in releasing old programs and karmic cords that bind you to the past and to people or energies that are unconsciously draining your precious life force.  Her approach results in feeling spiritually and energetically liberated. I felt such a profound release it took a few days to integrate the energetic upgrade I received and the insight that ensued.  If you feel inspired to walk your true path, allow Chireya’s expertise to move you into your own knowing and experience lasting fulfillment.

Tristan Montoya

Integrative Coach, Master EFT Practitioner

Chireya is an esoteric whiz kid on a mission to help people graduate from being at the effect of life, into shining their unique genius to benefit the world.

Dr. Dream aka Mark Peebler

Store Manager, Walmart Inc

As a powerful healer [Chireya gives] so much love and support towards the spiritual world. She is a vibrant authentically beautiful healer and an amazing book author.

Reina Mobley

Event Producer & Creatrix

Chireya is a powerhouse of both practical, outside-the-box thinking that will exponentially help forward each soul she works with. Whether it’s about life, relationships or business, she makes a difference in every conversation she has.

Chris Diaz

Founder of The Integrative Healing Process, Reiki Master, Interfaith Minister and Pastoral Counselor

Chireya has an aptitude with clearing and holding a compassionate space. In my personal experience she helped me to open up further into a field of abundance and embrace new modes of visualizing and life visioning. I would recommend Chireya’s services.

Joshua Faust

Into The Mythica

Chireya assisted me with her laser sharp focus to pinpoint the underlying issues, how to clear them fast and also gave me the tools to continue on my own. She is also very knowledgeable on twin flame and soulmate relationships, and offered advice on how to work thru some patterns in relationships, by owning all of our own stuff. I would recommend Chireya to visionaries of the world who are ready to truly align with their mission on the planet and ready to step up to their full potential.”

Petra Schuler

Visionary & World Traveler

[Chireya’s] Book Unlocked Unleashed: The God Within You holds a potent message with relevant and timely teaching and guidance for humanity. I feel heart wisdom in these words as profound as ancient wisdom, and presented in a way that this wisdom can be used for effective transformation.

~ Nandhiji, Author, Mastery of Consciousness & Yogi


Author, Mastery of Consciousness & Yogi

Chireya was able to meet my mystic and ground it in the world in a way that I found very helpful. Her wealth of practical suggestion to get my work out in the world is priceless.

Ralph MacIntyre

Chireya Fox has helped me many times by helping me be more in tune with my inner divinity.  I have made more conscious decisions by listening to my inner higher self which in turn has improved my life.

Mikael Angelo


Working with Chireya helped me create new energetics with my family and friends, and be able to focus clearly on where I’m going in the next steps in life.

Kyra Storojev

Author, Creating Life Contracts

Chireya is excellent and brilliant in her capacity to read & clear energy. I highly recommend her for these invaluable services, especially when combined with her life and business coaching!

Turiya Summer

Entrepreneur & Visionary

Chireya is a beacon, a signpost, a reflection of the synchronistic divine order.  It is very clear that she has a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, care, appreciation, and joy  There have been times in my awakening process that I felt like no one would see or understand me and not only did I feel seen by Chireya, I also felt heard, understood, and held.  The insights and guidances have been invaluable in my process and I feel a wellspring of hope, joy, and curiosity knowing that beings like Chireya are here.

Tom Bassett

Founder,, Developer

My experience working with Chireya and knowing her heart is truly a gift. The Clearing Ancestral Money Wounds Online Course with Chireya was held in deep reverence and support.  I highly recommend this course  And I highly recommend working with Chireya on all her beautiful offerings as she is a highly attuned soul with deep wisdom to share with our human family!

Adara Love


Chireya’s energy clearings have helped me create and execute needed breakthroughs, gain valuable insights personally and professionally, and find deeper compassion for myself and others.  I would recommend her as wise counsel, a coach, teacher, friend and confidant without hesitation.

A. J. Lovewins

Visionary & Videographer

Chireya knew exactly what was going on energetically for me within minutes. She was able to tune in to trauma around childhood and my parents and invite divine order into my being in a way that I’ve never felt before. Her loving and powerful attention was transformative for me and I would recommend her work for anybody who’s ready to heal.

Casey Shaw

Yoga Teacher and Visionary
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