With #1 Bestselling Author, Vibrational Alignment Coach,
Universal Spiritual Healer and Advanced Energy Clearing Specialist
Chireya Dharma

Mind-blowing Personal Empowerment

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Does Law of Attraction Seem To Work for You Sometimes, But Not Consistently?

If so, this course is for you!

We’ve all heard about The Secret, and many have jumped on the Law of Attraction bandwagon. But, why does it sometimes seem to not work? If you have been affirming your butt off and practicing techniques meant to help you manifest your desires to no avail in one or more areas of life, don’t give up!

Its just that there’s a little MORE to the Secret than has heretofore been revealed. 

Join me for this 12-week journey! I’ll share with you tools, techniques, wisdom, and insight from over 30 years of training, study, practice and coaching clients in the areas of Reality Creation, Manifesting, Energy Clearing and Law of Attraction.

  • Get clear on what you truly desire
  • Practice proven techniques for manifesting your desires
  • Clear out old patterns, beliefs, habits & energetic blocks that have kept you stuck and unfulfilled ~ permanently
  • Dissolve karmas through understanding
  • Create new, positive neural pathways which clear the way to living your Highest Destiny Path
You’ll get the empowerment, tools, and attention you deserve to manifest directly with Source … which is your Divine Blueprint.

Your manifesting powers are far superior to what you think. And, the power within you is actually at work all the time, only it has been directed into a set of beliefs around money that are often very limiting.

When we simultaneously get super clear on what we actually want, as opposed to what we think we want, or what we think it will take to get it, then the manifestations can begin to roll in with ease and grace.

What we believe deeply comes true for us. Therefore, we must learn to leverage the power of Reality Creation to dismantle non-helpful beliefs and install new ones. 

When we simultaneously get super clear on what we actually want, as opposed to what we think we want, or what we think it will take to get it, then the manifestations can begin to roll in with ease and grace.

You will get reconnected to your innate capacity for manifesting to deliberately create your reality. You will have a chance to finally overcome the erroneous belief that money is god. This will allow you to manifest “directly” instead of making money more powerful than you.  

While we can learn to allow the money in, we can also learn to align with the deeper truth of our reality creation abilities and our DOS – Divine Operating System. Let’s go for an upgrade!

I don’t hold anything back in this Mastermind. My divine directive is to help you empower yourself through divine transmissions, reality creation tools and techniques, advanced energy clearing experiences, and an atmosphere in which we can address your unique situation directly. 

This Mastermind holds you in support of manifesting your dreams, getting back the reigns of your life, and stepping into your true life’s purpose with prosperity and Source as your guide from within.

What's Included?

• Mastermind Support to Manifest Your Dreams
• Members Only Console
• Reality Creation & Manifesting Toolkit
• Guided Meditation Audios
• Workbooks • Exercises • Videos
• Weekly 90-Minute Small Group Coaching & Clearing Calls
Join via Phone or Computer


• BONUS 2: Ancestral Lineage Clearing Audio
• BONUS 3: Prayer for Clearing All Karma and Activating Your Earth Mission
• BONUS 4: Audio Affirmations for Manifesting Prowess


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About Chireya

With more than 30 years of experience as a multi-dimensional spiritual healer, Chireya is an author, coach and wisdom keeper who shares the Codes of Union for this age of awakening through her books, energetic healing experiences, coaching, weekly Divine Love Wisdom Transmissions, and courses. 

Creator of the Anchor The Dream workshop for planetary blueprinting in 2005, Chireya helps us re-envision our world, our businesses, and our lives through the Recalibrations Process. This process empowers people to attune to Source, align with their divine purpose, dissolve the barriers in the way, and design a new way of life based on harmony, love and prosperity for all.

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