Manifesting Miracles & Money

Manifesting Miracles & Money

To grow as humans, we must stop letting money be the boss of us, and instead, become the boss of money.

Your manifesting powers are far superior to what you think.

And, the power within you is actually at work all the time, only it has been directed into a set of beliefs around money that are often very limiting to what people end up experiencing.

What we believe deeply is real for us, and therefore, we must learn to leverage the power of Reality Creation to dismantle non-helpful beliefs and install new ones, while we simultaneous get clear on what we actually want, as opposed to what we think we want, or what we think it will take to get it.

Usually, what we think it will take to get it, is a pile of money. While a pile of money may indeed come in to effect this positive outcome, the pile of money isn’t actually “what we want.” What we want is what we want.

We’ve got to take the vibrational wedgie out of our body-mind-spirit complex which says, I have to have money to get what I want.

While we can learn to allow the money in, we need to align with the deeper truth of our reality creation abilities and OSD – the Operating System of the Divine human.

We dive into this topic in this episode garnering an upleveled spiritual maturity and sense of sanctity while elevating our sense of self worth and activating our highest destiny path.

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