How To Be A True Friend
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How To Be A True Friend

Starting today, February 16, 2018, the Year of the Earth Dog begins in Chinese Astrology. This Earth Dog energy is all about friendship, loyalty, and attracting trustworthy, helpful, kind people. This makes 2018 a wonderful year for cultivating relationships and really seeing clearly who in your life is a true friend.

While we are busy seeing how others treat us, how can we know we are also being a true friend?

Deep inside, there is a place where each of us is longing for love. To be a true friend, we learn to extend this love unconditionally. Sometimes, this unconditional love may take the form of truth-telling that is difficult, to help a friend see something they are blind to that could hurt them.

Other times, it may be championing their accomplishments especially when others have not.

And, a true friend may give up something in order to help another, because we recognize the other is another aspect of Self.

In what ways do you practice true friendship? In what ways have others demonstrated true friendship to you?

Realize how precious True Friendship is, and strive in every way to be a true friend to those you care about.

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