Dissolving the Net of Lower Frequency Entrapment

Dissolving the Net of Lower Frequency Entrapment

The frequencies of higher consciousness are here and available to us at all times. While these frequencies didn’t leave us, we set ourselves apart from them by engaging lower thoughts and beliefs, which act like a net entrapping ourselves in a place less than the most high. Since we ourselves cast this energetic and vibrational net, we can dismantle it. All it takes is tuning in with the divine within, and “forgiving” that which has come before. By making a decision to turn our sights towards the

beautiful loving energies of our internal grace and peace, we change course and untangle ourselves from the prison of fear, doubt, greed, and guilt. This is a process which takes some awareness and effort to achieve, so don’t give up on yourself ever. You are here to do this mighty work and you will succeed, as you make the efforts you are able to, and cast the burden of the old samskaric patterning unto the divine within you. And all is well.

With all my love, Chireya

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