Anchor Your Dream of Purpose, Passion & Prosperity

Anchor Your Dream of Purpose, Passion & Prosperity

Any place we are not living our dream fully is simply a place where old beliefs are still at play.

To fully live your dreams, there are three main requirements:

  1. You must know what it is
  2. You must align it with your true divine blueprint
  3. You must believe you can have it

This episode contains a lively discussion on the amazing nature of reality that allows you to focus your thoughts and feelings towards fulfillment of your dreams. Deep skill and understanding about how and why this works are included.

Founder of Anchor the Dream, Chireya has been teaching reality creation and leading this blueprinting and visioning workshop since 2005. Her main focus in life is to help people understand the rules of the game, so they can play at life full on, shining their magnificence onto the world.


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