See Love Instead of Fear: A Spiritual Skill
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See Love Instead of Fear: A Spiritual Skill

The ability to see love instead of fear is an act of spiritual skill.

There is an artfulness to it as well, for we must use our imagination to conjure the truth, even when the lies of fear, judgment, blame, shame, jealousy, greed and guilt are looming in an attempt to capture our imagination and downgrade it to its lowly estate.

Your ability to see through the illusion of these lower states of consciousness is due to an inner clinging to the Truth. “Cleave Unto God” ~ the God of Your Understanding. “Lead us not into temptation” ~ what does this mean? The temptation is to see self or other as bad, wrong, shameful or guilty, to be jealous or fearful, instead of “keeping our eye single unto the light,” and asking our Creator to help us “see the truth” of Eternal Unconditional Love.

It is by our own perceptions that we have carved realities of suffering. And it is through this mechanism of perception that we can pray for sweet release.

“Divine Father, Divine Mother, Creator of All Creators, please help me see and access Your Mighty Truth of Unconditional Love today, and always, and especially when I think of this person who haunts me.”

Use this prayer daily any time you are tempted to downgrade your vibration through contemplating the wrongdoing of someone or yourself. Instead, ask to see the light, see the innocence, and bear witness to the Truth of the Divine within the other.

In this way, “you are your brothers and sisters’ keepers.” In this way, you set yourself and “the other” free. In this way, you dissolve the karmic samskaric bonds that have tied humanity to lower consciousness and despair for eons. “Come up higher.” The air is fine. <

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