A New Years Message: Mastery of Unconditional Love
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A New Years Message: Mastery of Unconditional Love

May 2018 be a year where we learn to Master Unconditional Love.

To love unconditionally, we must be willing to see the “other” as fully innocent, just as Source ~ God created them. <3 Without this, our own negative thought projections and judgments will cloud our ability to see this innocence.

When negative thought forms have already taken root in the mind regarding another person, it takes some doing or shall I say, undoing, to “clean” the cache in your subconscious mind, so you can see the original innocence of a being.

Likewise, if we cannot see our own innocence, it is because there is a storehouse of thought forms stockpiled in the subconscious about why we are “guilty” of something or the other.

Actual actions and things that occurred could seem to validate our thought forms of judgment of ourselves or others. But keep in mind that each thought, word, deed and feeling leads to a deepening of the grooves of habit molded into our brains as imprints the subconscious more easily acts on. These “samskaras” as they’re called in Sanskrit, cause a never-ending tidal wave of more similar experiences to occur ~ that is, UNTIL we put an end to the cycle through forgiveness.

This endless tidal wave is what we call Karma, or Law of Attraction. “That which goes forth comes back.” This is the immutable Law of Life.

Cleaning our brains, cleaning our thoughtforms, is a part of spiritual healing, which will allow for the eventual dissolution of the samskaric patterning causing these types of things to recur. We can call this cleansing Ho’opono’pono, or Radical Forgiveness, or Awakening to Truth.

By whatever name you call this Cleansing, the most important thing is to actually do it. When someone has wronged you, judged you, accused you, blamed you ~ Forgive Them. Clean the data of the perception of wrongdoing from your mind-body complex through deletion and clearing – dissolution of the associated thought forms. We do this through what we call prayer.

Focusing intensively on the desire for this to be cleaned, the fairies and angels, guides and high selves, will come to our aid and assist us in this deep cleansing process. They will “see” and “know” the truth for us, until it takes root in our own being as well. At this point, we are free ~ free from the tyranny of judgment of self or other.

This freedom allows us to feel the Truth ~ Love Is All There Is. <3 No matter what someone has done, no matter how much debris and detritus has accumulated in the subconscious mind as imprints from life experiences, past lives, and ancestral lineages, we can be an angel to them by Accessing the Truth of their Original Innocence.

This puts the doctrine of Original Sin on its head, allowing us to delete its unwelcome tyranny from our world, one by one. And so it is. <3

In 2018, to support our ability to fully embrace Unconditional Love of self and others, I will be providing Weekly Transmissions on Sunday mornings as a free offering for all who resonate. To listen live, you can join me by signing up for free at http://spiritualhealerboulder.com.

May we all learn to master Unconditional Love in our own time and way, for our own liberation and the liberation of all beings.

With Sincere and Unconditional Love,


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