The Journey of Awakening
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The Journey of Awakening

The Journey of Awakening ~ what is it? Year after year, lifetime after lifetime, we take steps forward and steps backward in living the truths of spirit.

Many eons of karmas on earth during our spiritual infancy have left scars called neural pathways or “samskaras” that make it easier to think certain thoughts, do certain actions and feel certain feelings. This is a root meaning of the saying, “to those who have more, more shall be added. To those who have not, even that which they have shall be taken away.”

The layers of “data” in the subconscious mind from acts, feelings and thoughts of the past, accumulate like strata of soil and bedrock under the sea, making it more difficult to find a new thought. However, there are spiritual tools and techniques for overcoming these karmic influences.

The work is an Inside Job, yet help is always at hand, just as “the kingdom-queendom of heaven is at hand.” Where is your hand? Well, it is “right here,” and always with you. Thus, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand means, spiritual help is always available, in every circumstance, and at all times. All we need do is ask, and we shall receive the answers of our very own High Selves, our Spirit, the God of Our Understanding.

Our heritage and birthright of Innocence is also at hand, and has never left us. While the world has been busy attempting to enslave us through feelings of inadequacy, guilt, blame, shame, jealousy, comparison, greed, gluttony, envy ~ Spirit has always been mightily at work to help us choose again – and again – and again. As my spiritual teacher Kinja once told me long ago, “never give up on yourself.”

We are one step away from spiritual mastery. As we put footstep after footstep no matter the seeming set backs, we set ourselves free more and more, dissolving those layers of debris from the subconscious and unconscious mind.

We achieve Peace ~ a peace that we can now comprehend with all our senses. This is a peace we have earned through trial by fire – a spiritual fire that is setting the world ablaze with the Sword of Truth of the Divine Father, and the Shield of Unconditional Love of the Divine Mother. Together, this Sword and this Shield protect us, bless us, and remind us to be strong, as we look within for the Truth of any situation, with unconditional love.

Our pathways are blessed, even as our days in this life are numbered. While we are eternal beings, oughtn’t we make the best effort in this lifetime, to ascend and aspire? This happens through self-appointed effort.

Even if our efforts seem to falter, it is the act of reaching for the next best step, the next best thought, that strengthens our resolve and turns spiritual momentum in our favor.

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