Are You In The Game?
Photo by Pawel Nolbert

Are You In The Game?

What if spiritual growth was the single most important reason we are here?

What if material gain, success, and accomplishment were only icing on the cake at best, or distraction at worst ~ that consistently causes us to get “off track” from the real work at hand? What if there is an inner barometer that let’s you know your spiritual temperament ~ not in a judgmental way, but in a vibrational way?

The vibrational clock of our lives is ticking, and demonstrating day by day, who we are and how we show up ~ no matter how sexy we look in our selfies. It’s “real.” Measuring where we are at spiritually as part of this vibrational barometer is not another means for comparison, shame or superiority trips.

It’s simply an inner mechanism that tells our High Self how we are doing, what we still need to master, and where our spiritual weaknesses are.

What if spiritual growth is the name of the game?

Are you in the game?

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