3 Steps To Trusting Your Inner Guidance ~ Part I of III

3 Steps To Trusting Your Inner Guidance ~ Part I of III

Want to feel more secure in your ability to trust yourself, and your Inner Spiritual Guidance?

If you think about it carefully, TRUST is probably the single biggest issue in all of our lives. We are constantly invited to assess people, places, situations, and opportunities ~ are the beings involved trustworthy? Can I trust myself to make the right decision? Can I trust that LIFE and My Guidance are steering me in the right direction?

While there is no Magic Bullet to overhaul your ability to trust and get correct “signals” from the God of Your Understanding, your Guides, your High Self, and your Inner Guidance System, there are time-testing tools for strengthening this bond day by day.

When we make taking this trust-building a deliberate and authentic part of our spiritual quest, success will be ours, and we will gain the needed trust in ourselves, for following through with the practice that makes purrrfect.

Step 1: Take the Time To Really Tune In… with Source and Your High Self

This may sound like a “no brainer,” however, let me ask you. Do you always make a practice of sitting down, breathing, and connecting to the God of Your Understanding for spiritual guidance before making a big decision, when you have a question about whether a relationship or action is correct, or when thinking about changing your course in some way? There is a distinct difference between “knowing” to tune in with the God of Your Understanding and your true Divine Guidance, and actually doing it.

Our human family has created busy-ness of all kinds which keep our motors spinning and our minds in impenetrable loops.When we’re physically, mentally or emotionally exhausted, physiological things occur, making it even more difficult to slow down. For example, if we are super stressed out, the fight-or-flight brain will kick in, which means it will take more effort on our part to get into the state of mind, body and emotion that will allow us to hear that “still small voice within.

“Whatever spiritual path or religion you embrace, there will typically be a root core practice to help you slow down and “tune in.” If you do not have a personal practice or path you follow specifically, you’re likely aware of mindfulness meditations, deep breathing, prayer, and other practices to help you slow down.It is truly imperative for this slowing down process to occur, so that you can engage your mind, body and emotions to become receptive to the Guidance that is already there. The “kingdom of heaven is at hand,” meaning, it’s always right hear for us.

However, if we’re spinning, this short circuits our ability to see, hear, sense, feel and know this Guidance as it is coming to us.

Contemplate this during your week ahead. Set an intention to notice if you are indeed, asking a question. Is there something you are confused about in life? Is there a pathway you could choose, and you want to make sure it’s the right one? Is there someone new in your life, and you want to be sure it is correct action for you to engage with this person? Whatever the question you are pondering, the very first step, is to NOTICE YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION. Then, once you are aware of the fact of your inquiry, DECIDE to make the time to contemplate this when you are not rushed.

A Simple System To Help You Become Receptive To Spiritual Guidance 

As stated earlier, there are many possible ways you can become receptive to your true, authentic, nurturing, healing and correct spiritual guidance.

Below is one set of ideas. Perhaps this little system will be useful to you.

1.Carve out a block of time where you will be undisturbed. Put it on your calendar if this is what it takes to ensure you block out the time and space.

2.Turn off your phone, computer, devices. Let the people you reside with know you will not be available during this time. Make it sacred!

3.Straighten the room where you will seek this Guidance – if time permits. (Ideal but not 100% necessary – don’t “not” do the guidance session if you don’t have time to straighten things up!)

4.Get a glass of water, a notebook and a pen you like to write with.

5.When the time arrives, settle yourself in comfortably in a seated position of your choosing, with your pen and paper nearby. Drink some water. (Hydration helps us think clearly and creates conductivity for our inner streams of guidance.)

6.Write your question on the paper, and then put it aside.

7.Become still. Mentally, tune in with the God of Your Understanding in your own way. (Imagine connecting through your heart, or through the top of your head as you wish. Picture your High Self or the spiritual being of your choosing sitting in front of you… and so forth~ whatever makes you feel truly connected.)

8.Imagine tiny angels with vacuum cleaners vacuuming out your energy fields and chakras. Get sparkly clean inside. Feel the emerging joy and confidence.

9.Ask your Spiritual Guidance or Guide to show you clearly the best steps in relation to your question. Receive mental pictures, or hear the words of wisdom coming to you. Feel how this guidance feels in your body. Does it FEEL correct? Does it FEEL uplifting? Can you imagine a positive outcome?

10.If you are still confused after doing this, get out the angel’s vacuum again, and rinse and repeat. Presence the question in your mind, and ask to be shown, or verbally hear words, that sum up the guidance to the best possible steps you can take. Repeat this process until you receive guidance that makes you feel 100% good.

11.Jot down some notes about the Guidance you’ve received.

12.Make a commitment to act on it, and plan these action steps into your week. Take divinely inspired action – when it feels really good to do so!

13.If you get a surprise answer, or the response is not what your personality prefers, examine if your Higher Guidance is trying to teach you something, or show you a pattern that is running you, and has caused you to suffer in the past. Reflect on whether you choose to follow this Guidance, or follow the desires of your “human self,” if in fact, the two sets of Guidance are different. At least if you do follow your human self, the little mind, instead of your Higher Guidance, you will be able to reflect later as to the outcome, and learn more about yourself and your guidance system. Was your “little self” guidance more correct? Or was there a foible that occurred? Either way – you’ve gained invaluable information about how your own true guidance system works.

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With Love & Trust,

Spiritual Guidance Counselor
Spiritual Healer

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