3 Steps To Trusting Your Inner Guidance ~ Part II of III

3 Steps To Trusting Your Inner Guidance ~ Part II of III

Step 2: Learn To Navigate Your Inner Landscape and Feelings

What if you get really great guidance from your spiritual practice and inner guidance, and you feel its correct, but somehow, you don’t feel like following it? Could this be resistance from unconscious wounding or habits? Is it a timing issue? Is there something else you need to do to prepare before you can follow this piece of inner guidance?

The first step to decoding the message of resistance is, as always, “Tuning in.”

Get quiet and tune in with your Source, your High Self ~ The God of Your Understanding. You’re asking for “access” to the Higher Wisdom and Intelligence that is all around you, and within you. You’re slowing down long enough to notice this wisdom and guidance, and what it is offering you.

Presence the question you are asking in your heart. Breathe in, breathe out. Really feel the question. You’re asking about the resistance you feel, and looking for information. If it’s an old habit that has more “energetic precedence” or momentum inside you, there’s a certain way to handle that. If it’s a timing issue, or something you need to do to prepare to take the action step, you’ll of course want to know this, too.

Your Inner Landscape is filled with information for you if you know how to decode it through seeing, feeling, sensing, or knowing.

Become very aware of how you are feeling, seeing, sensing or knowing ~ what are the energies circulating in your body-mind-spirit complex? Are there pockets of feelings in different areas? Which ones? What do they feel like?

Ask a question of your choosing to determine the nature of this resistance.

Once you have a clear answer, get to work in whatever way is appropriate. If the resistance comes from an old pattern, perhaps a clearing session is in order. If there is something you need to do to prepare, what is it? When can you do this? Are there any seeming obstacles? Ask your Inner Guidance how to overcome them. Is it simply a “timing” thing? If so, ask for clarity on when will be the right time to take this new action, to follow this new guidance. And, perhaps, mark it on your calendar so you have an easy reminder to tune in and take that step.

Part III Coming Up Next ~ Going Deeper with Your Intuitive Connection

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