3 Steps To Trusting Your Inner Guidance ~ Part III of III

3 Steps To Trusting Your Inner Guidance ~ Part III of III

Could gratitude be the missing link to receiving perfect inner guidance? 

The biggest, most important step in receiving authentic Inner Guidance, from your High Self or the God of Your Understanding, is to be still enough to actually hear it.

When we are flinging ourselves around life with a mad race to the finish or a need to please others; with a focus on negative circumstances which drain our energy; or with a tenuous sense of fear that we’re “not doing it right,” whatever “it” is, it is nearly impossible to hear the “still small voice” we’ve heard about since we were little.

How are we to “get out of jail free” and enter the Motherland of Peace in our own inner being, so that we can hear what the Divine which loves us is trying to tell us?

Think about something you’re grateful for. Place your attention on how much you love and appreciate this person, place or thing. Now, think of another thing you’re grateful for. Large or small, the things we can become or are already grateful for, gives us that get out of jail free card ~ freeing us from the racing monkey mind that never feels like it’s enough and always feels like it has to catch up.

Did you notice how your feelings shifted in that moment? Now this is not rocket science, and I know you’ve felt this before, and heard these types of ideas before – “an attitude of gratitude” – and so forth. But do you notice throughout your day, that there are moments where you are NOT focused on gratitude? That instead, gripes and pains take the leading role on the stage of our minds and emotions, leading us astray into the dark alleys of fear and suffering?

How do you feel when you go on a gratitude rampage? Go on one right now, in order to show this to yourself. Isn’t it easier to become still and quiet? Do you feel the juicy, zesty, peaceful energy of LIFE all around you? Does it give you the God Bumps?

Now, staying in this peaceful state — and it might take you a minute to get there, that is ok — ask the Divine Within a question about something you need guidance on. Don’t strain for the answer, just be in the energy of Gratitude for the Divine and It’s love for you.

Notice anything different? Did a message come through? Or can you feel that inkling of spaciousness which will lead you to the next right step? Did you feel an exhilaration that let you know that “all is well” and your answer is on your way to you?

In order to “receive” the goodness of the Loving Divine Source into our experience, we must be a “match” to it. Gratitude is the highest energetic expression on the rungs of consciousness ~ right next door to God Consciousness. BE in that state of gratitude ~ get there any way you can!

Be grateful for the weed growing in the crack of the sidewalk, or the smell of the sunset, or the color of your lovers shirt if you have to. You can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to be grateful for. Once you get going, you can go on a rampage of gratitude, and get into THAT STATE which will surely wipe away the pains of the moment, and allow you to become receptive to the subtle whisperings of that still, small voice ~ the Voice of the Divine Within You.

Practice daily for best results. 🙂

With Gratitude,


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