Tempering the Sword

Tempering the Sword

In awakening to the higher vibrations of our innate essence, we undergo a process of tempering the sword. In the sanctum sanctorum of consciousness, the truth is held dear like an eternal flame of divine love and wisdom.

We all have the ability to connect with this eternal flame, regardless of how challenging outer circumstances might seem to be. It is in the effort to reach and commune with this flame, that healing and growth takes place. Making the effort is *everything.*

The Divine Ones and Source Itself have great mercy and love for all of humanity as we make our way upwards and inwards home to truth.

Make the effort today.

What is challenging your body, mind, or spirit? Are there residues of greed, lust, anger, judgment or cynicism within you?

Turn your mind away from the magnetic pull of these old ancestral and past life habits by creating a regular rhythm in which you tune into Source Consciousness, the flame within. While simple, this method is exceedingly powerful and will bear fruits of higher consciousness and understanding and peace.

With all my love, Chireya

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