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Codes of Union Book Series

The Codes of Union Book Series include Unlocked and Unleashed ~ The God Within You: Divine Father Speaks, and Fall In Love with the Beloved Within: Source Speaks.

Book III, Codes of Union: Divine Mother Speaks, is coming soon!


Welcome to the magical world of Universal Spiritual Healing and The Recalibrations Process.

I am what we call a Scribe and Orator for the Lineages of Light.

The Lineages of Light are great beings who are transmitting powerful spiritual wisdom for humanity’s advancement. The Teachings expressed here are Transmissions from the Lineages of Light, Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Source Consciousness.

At this time of what we call The Great Awakening, many truths are being revealed, and the detritus and debris of the ages is being dissolved away so we can reclaim our divine heritage and birthright as conscious beings of love.

The books that have come through me are helpful transmissions from the Lineages of Light. Independent individuals suggest reading them as a spiritual curriculum for our times.

The books bring in greater comprehension of our past, present and future, so that we can navigate our way through the maze of life with success on our spiritual journey.

It is my humble honor and pleasure to be one of many serving The Awakening at this time.

Please peruse the website at your leisure, there is much here for you.

Many Blessings!
Chireya Fox


3 Energy Alignment Audios

Dive into the magical waters of spiritual and energetic alignment!

• Strengthen Your Aura
• Tune In with Source
• Practice Radical Forgiveness


Spiritual Healing and Energetic Clearing for the Age of Awakening
with #1 Bestselling Author and Spiritual Teacher Chireya Fox

Tune In with Your Source
Line Up with Your True Purpose
Delete the Patterns that Haunt You
Steer the Ship of Your Life

Universal Spiritual Healing

Are you searching for inner peace and balance in your life? Many people spend years looking for peace from people and the world around them, not realizing they already possess the keys to serenity inside themselves.

Spiritual healing is the art of removing obstacles that are hiding and hindering the peace and stillness that is already within you.

Finding the right spiritual healer is a personal decision that involves many factors, including your preferences, personality, and specific needs.

How do you know you’ve found the right counselor for you? Take the time to research them, read their materials, and do a phone consultation or office visit. Pay attention to how your spirit responds to your potential healer’s words and behaviors.

Remember that life has been guiding you to this moment, just as it has been preparing your spiritual healer for the encounter.

Your spiritual healer’s first job will be to get to know you so they can assess your needs and unique situation.

The overlays of consciousness come from past lives, ancestral lineage patterns, cultural conditioning, and your early upbringing. These overlays may be damaged by psychic, spiritual, social, emotional, physical, or mental wounds, as well as traumas and inner conflicts.

Your spiritual healer can act as a detective, uncovering the resistance, beliefs, and thought patterns that are keeping you from seeing, feeling, and knowing the light of the Divine within you.

Once your blockages have been identified, your spiritual healer will guide you through the release and removal process.

Do not worry if you are struggling to address a certain area, or if you’ve already tried to release yourself and failed. Your spiritual healer will be with you every step of the way.

A spiritual healer can only remove things that you are ready to let go of. Spiritual healing is also the art of radical forgiveness.

As we allow ourselves to remember that the “other” we were hurt by is a reflection of the Self and a spiritual family member, all through the guidance of a spiritual healer, we can allow the cleansing mystical fire to burn away the dross and debris of our subconscious.

Throughout the process, your spiritual healer will help you acknowledge that these psychic wounds are very “real”—as are the experiences attached to them—all while recognizing that their nature is fleeting maya.

Using this method, you will learn to couple the innocence of the Divine Mother with the responsibility of the Divine Father so you can emerge in spiritual maturity as a healed and whole being—even if the world still seems to have gone mad.

Since thought is the basis of all manifestation in your life, a spiritual healer’s second task to help you practice steering your mind in the right direction. This takes awareness, diligence, and patience as we rewire the neural pathways to flow in sync with new thought patterns.

The result is well worth the effort; once clean thought patterns have been established, your entire life will begin to align itself, and you will see an increase in joy and productivity.

With unconditional love and the sword of truth, a spiritual healer can help you cut through your own fears, self-doubts, and inner turmoil, even as you learn to love yourself as much as the God of your understanding loves you.

This is an alchemical process, and a mighty one indeed, as you face the demons of the mind—only to realize they were just hiding an even mightier eternal truth.

Each journey begins with a single step, and if you are reading these words, you have already taken it. Now, the next step is waiting.

I invite you to peruse this website, set up a free discovery call, or contact me via email to see how I can be of assistance in your magnificent journey.

Many Blessings!

Chireya Fox

Spiritual Healer

Boulder, CO, USA

Chireya's spiritual healing blog


Chireya k. fox

Chireya K. Fox
Spiritual Healer, Boulder, CO

Chireya Fox is a spiritual teacher, multi-dimensional energy healer, transformational catalyst, new earth visionary, and vibrational alignment coach.

Also a #1 Bestselling Amazon Author and spokesperson for Source Consciousness, Chireya’s goal is to help people revitalize their lives through comprehension of the Source Codes of alignment. This process allows for the recalibration to our Divine Self.

By combining ancient wisdom and modern techniques, Chireya guides people in tuning in with Source, lining up with their true purpose, delete the patterns that haunt them, and steering the ship of their lives.

Born in Greenwich, CT, in 1964, Chireya Fox has been speaking to God ~ Source since age 3. From an early age, she began receiving inspiration for personal healing techniques which she successfully performed on herself, family, and friends. 

Driven to help others find relief from suffering on all levels, she went on to study a large variety of spiritual and energetic healing modalities, spiritual traditions, and systems of knowledge.

Inspired by the transformation she saw in her clients’ lives, Chireya has dedicated herself to the Grand Awakening to Source Consciousness underway on the planet.

Chireya finds joy in uplifting, inspiring, and educating people through her books, classes, online courses, group training sessions, and for a very limited number of clients in private counseling services.

Chireya has authored several powerful books, including Fall In Love with the Beloved Within, Unlocked & Unleashed: The God Within You, and Love’s Whisperings: Authentic Spiritual Development.

She is currently completing her latest books, The Heart of Collaboration: Co-creation Through the Unified Field, and Codes of Union: Divine Mother Speaks.

Formerly known as Laura Fox, Chireya has been an event producer since 2007 and the Founder of Chireya K. Fox Global Transmedia. She is the producer and founder of Pure Living Expo, co-producer of One Love Experience, event producer of Raw Living Expo, and Founder of Divine Love Wisdom Publications.

Chireya has also been a producer for One Love Experience, San Francisco’s Earth Day, Harmony Festival’s Ecovillage, and many more.

A comedian, poet, and artist, Chireya blends the sacred with humor and beauty to accomplish the goal of tickling souls into re-alignment with the Spark of Spirit. Now, Chireya Fox is stepping in to deliver her life’s work in the form of workshops, retreats, books, her blog and vlog, social media, videos, audios, and public appearances.

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